Adamant Objects

Adamant Objects is a Toronto-based contemporary jewelry brand that offers quality pieces that are bold, feminine, and fun. Owned and designed by stylist, Jess Mori, the brand’s aesthetic is heavily influenced by fashion trends past and present.


To create a brand that is bold and edgy, but can still evolve with each new collection.


Knowing the client's background as a stylist, we understood the brand needed to feel fashion-forward and have the ability to adapt with each new product launch. With pieces that were created to be seen and make a statement, the resulting brand is fearless and feminine, with just the right amount of edge.


  • Brand Identity


    Photography: Gabriel Cabrera
    Styling: Carl Ostberg

Best Studio really understood the essence of my brand from the beginning and went above and beyond to execute each piece of my brand identity in a thoughtful way. From crafting the logo to helping me choose the right packaging design, the process was super collaborative and stress-free. I now have a brand that is supported by beautiful design and touchpoints and are aligned with my initial vision.

Jess Mori, Owner & Designer of Adamant Objects.