Steel & Oak Brewers Series

Steel & Oak Brewing Co. embodies the modernness of today while remaining dedicated to the craftsmanship of years long past. Materials of strength and durability, steel and oak; house, protect and nurture what they stand for most – exceptional tasting craft beer.

Using a mixture of North American, English and German brewing styles, techniques and ingredients, Steel & Oak explores new beer styles while constantly refining and perfecting the classics.

Always unfiltered, unpasteurized and made with the finest ingredients, Steel & Oak proudly returns the noble tradition of brewing quality beer to New Westminster.


Create a new label series that is different from any of the existing series. This series needed to feel more high end than any of the other labels but still look like Steel & Oak beer.


By making the label and elements smaller and more refined, we were able to achieve a more elegant look and feel while still creating something that is cohesive with the bolder and more graphic beers.


  • Packaging